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SERVICE #1 – TENANT PLACEMENT:  $350.00. This service includes listing the property on which adds it to all major rental sites.  A Rently lockbox may be placed on the property that is a safe self-showing concept that requires the prospective tenant to provide a driver’s license and a credit card in order to see the property.  Prospects who apply for the property will make application online at A credit report will be run, previous landlords contacted for reference and confirmation of the of the tenant’s income sought. Report of Agent’s findings will be forwarded in writing to the owner.


Agent may also place the property in the Realtor’s Multiple Listing System if requested by the owner and owner authorizes a cooperating broker fee to go to the cooperating brokerage paid by owner.


collect my rent / enforce my lease

 SERVICE #2 – RENT COLLECTION:  January special $59.95  per month.  Owner authorizes Agent to collect rents due and give receipts thereof.  Tenants pay rent online at  McMath Realty LLC will hold the rent in a federally insured trust account until the payment has cleared the bank. Rents minus Agent fees and expenses will be deposited by direct deposit in Owner’s designated bank account.

SERVICE #3 – LEASE ENFORCEMENT CHARGED TO TENANT: $45.00 per notice paid by Owner and charged to tenant for reimbursement to owner. Or, if McMath Realty has written the lease, simply charged to tenant. This service is only available if Owner has also chosen service #2.

SERVICE #4 – MAINTENANCE COORDINATION:  $15.00 per maintenance issue.   Agent can coordinate property maintenance requests. Tenant will request all maintenance using  The system used by Agent will automatically notify the owner of the requested maintenance along with the Agents maintenance coordinator. Owner can weigh in if desired.   We can also coordinate Home Warranties


 SERVICE #5 – HOMECARE INSPECTIONS: Periodic inspections which includes filter changes, may be performed to insure the home is being cared for by the tenant and to note any wear and tear issues that might be occurring that need attention. $59.99 per inspection plus the cost of the filter. Schedule of HOMECARE inspections:  ______Quarterly   _____Semi-Annually   ____Only when directed by owner.

SERVICE #6 – MOVE-OUT INSPECTIONS AND DEPOSIT RECONCILIATION: $100.00 Agent will do a move-out inspection of the property and produce a written report along with digital pictures of any damage to the property. Agent will consult owner on charges to tenant. Agent, through its Maintenance Coordinator can make all necessary repairs and charge the tenant’s deposits for reimbursement to the owner.  Agent will create and deliver the Deposit Reconciliation report and check to the tenant and copy the owner.  

 SERVICE #7 – EVICITION PROCESSING:   In the event a breach of lease occurs and is referred to an attorney for eviction, Agent shall charge a fee of $200.00 for providing all the relevant information to an attorney and coordinating the eviction process including appearing in court if necessary.

Additional Services

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