Residential Realty Management for Phoenix area Homes

Rent your residential home/condo with McMath Realty, a professional realty management firm based Phoenix, Arizona. Why choose McMath Realty as your property management company of choice? Because of our “Five Keys to Manage Your Rental Property Successfully”:

1. We Make Your Realty Property Desirable.

This means it should have great curb appeal and look clean and attractive on the inside. Have you ever noticed the effort and expense that new home models spend on the appearance of their homes?

The process of finding a renter is not that different from finding a buyer. Make sure the landscaping is cleaned up and looks attractive. As the tenant walks up to the house they should see a well maintained exterior. Fading paint, broken doors or windows will send the wrong message.

Inside the carpets must be clean, the walls painted and all must look well maintained. As property manager, we will be glad to assess your property and give you feedback about what needs to be done – and have our own on-staff maintenance team to assist you!


2. We Help You Price Your Property Correctly.

There has never been a time when tenants have so much access to information about rental properties. The rental market for finding good tenants is very competitive. Your house needs to look nicer and cost less to rent.

If there are other houses in the area that look just as nice but cost less to rent your house will continue to sit vacant. McMath Realty specializes in helping you find the correct rental price that will allow your property to rent quickly at the best price.


3. We Market Your Real Estate Rentals Effectively.

McMath Realty Employs The Most Effective Marketing Strategy Possible to Find a Good Tenant For Your Home.

  • MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE: McMath Realty will place your property in the MLS which makes it available to thousands of realtors to show. This service is included in our lease fee rate.
  • INTERNET ADVERTISING: We utilize multiple websites to attract tenants for your property. Almost every home has a computer that they utilize to search for everything, especially for things like a place to live.
  • LISTING ON MCMATH REALTY WEBSITE: We get thousands of visitors every month to our website looking for a rental home.
  • MCMATH REALTY LEASE SIGNS: We receive many calls from people who just drive by your property off the sign we place out front.


4. We Rent to Quality Tenants.

Quality tenants pay their rent on time and take good care of your property. The best predictor of future behavior is a person’s past behavior.

Careful background checks and follow up on the information provided in the tenant’s application is invaluable to finding a good tenant. Quality management for your rental property begins with finding a good tenant. This is absolutely essential to the success of your investment property.


5. Our Communication with Tenant is very effective.

Communication with tenants will fall in the realm of both positive and negative. On the positive side, a quick response to legitimate tenant needs is imperative. McMath Realty tenants have online access and can submit work requests and pay their rent online.

In addition, there is one property manager responsible for the property so they do not have to speak to multiple people. Sometimes a tenant fails to pay rent on time or violates some requirement of the lease. Immediate and written communication is the most effective way to deal with those issues.

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