Get Quality Consulting from Residential Real Estate Investment Companies who specialize in Phoenix Area Homes

Our McMath Realty staff are expert consultants in the residential rental market. Few others can recognize a great rental house or condo investment as well as McMath Realty. It makes sense for a buyer of rental properties to use the experience, knowledge and expertise of McMath Realty property managers to their advantage when making real estate investments in Arizona.

You can invest only a percentage of the cost of a home and make a substantial gain on the home’s value. If you make this gain over a long period of time you build a great deal of wealth.


Five avenues of wealth growth via a realty investment property are:

  • Cash flow
  • Appreciation
  • Reduction of loan principle by tenant rental payments
  • Tax benefit through depreciation
  • Tax liability reduction due to interest paid on the mortgage


When you own an investment property you have an increase in equity because your home is appreciating in value and the loan is being paid down by rents collected. Your positive cash flow is another source of wealth growth.

In addition, there are certain tax advantages due to depreciation and interest paid. Add it all up, and it is one of the soundest investment you can possibly make. Your particular results will be unique to the factors of your income and rental property. Be sure you consult your accountant.

This is the optimum time to invest in rental properties. McMath Realty specializes in giving residential real estate investment consulting advice and helping investors increase their wealth through purchasing realty investment properties and then managing them afterwards. Contact us today or reach out to our property managers/realtors for additional information.

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